WritingTalkPodcast - Episode 6 Assignment (being "in the moment")


Alone in the House


“Would you like some more wine, dear?”


The empty chair offered no response.  Stanley nodded understandingly.  He topped off his wife’s brimming glass one more time.


“Martha, I love the way you always find ways to make our anniversaries so special.  Such romantic dinners, always in unusual places.  The smell of the flowers, the wonderful food, and your sweet perfume.”


He lowered his thin frame into the creaky chair and reached across the table.  He took her invisible hand into his own and patted it gently.  Perhaps she would enjoy an after dinner stroll, or a game of her favorite cards.  I’ll let her win again, it makes her happy.


She picked at her food, smiling up at him with that special grin.  Her gray hair framed her delicate features, the corners of her eyes wrinkled up with her smiling cheeks.

“Oh Stanley, this is so perfect.  You always make everything so nice.”


He choked back a sob.  “A perfect dinner for a perfect lady.  And it’s nice only because you’re here, dear.”



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